Which Stay Interview Question Are You Forgetting?

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Which Stay Interview Question Are You Forgetting?

Leading organizations are catching on to the fact that stay interviews are a powerful employee retention solution that allows them to address workplace concerns before their best associates head for the door. A report from Challenger, Gray & Christmas shows that 27% of HR executives surveyed are already using stay interviews, and an additional 24% plan to implement them soon.

Like any other tool, however, stay interviews are most effective when used properly.

If you’re new to stay interviews or you’ve chosen to forego a template, it’s possible that you could be forgetting a critical stay interview question – or a few. Neglecting to get a complete picture of why your employees stay (or why they’d consider leaving) could undermine your efforts.

To make sure that you’re not omitting an important stay interview question, check out these three critical inquiries and make sure your managers are including them in their one-on-one conversations with employees:

  • What’s one thing you’d change about your job right now?
    Essentially, this question is another form of “What would make you consider leaving?” Yet, with this question, you can identify an ongoing issue that your employee is facing and attempt to change it before things escalate.
  • What’s the most recent great day you had at work, and what made it special?
    According to Recruiting Trends, asking this question can help find out what motivates and engages associates.
  • What’s most important to you at work?
    This is one question that many managers tend to forget to ask because it seems so simple. Yet, according to HRE Online, it can be the door that could unlock additional insights. For instance, if an employee says that feeling challenged is most important, managers should dig deeper and ask what they could do to provide more challenges.

These are just a few stay interview questions that can help prompt meaningful responses and strengthen communication between managers and their teams. To make sure that you’re collecting a full range of important insights from your team, consider implementing stay interview software, which has tools to help managers conduct thorough and effective meetings such as stay interview templates, schedulers, and more.

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