Stay Interview Best Practices

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Stay Interview Best Practices

Stay interviews are usually sessions of conversation between the employee and manager to sit down and talk about ideas, share thoughts, set objectives and exchange feedback. Typically during a stay interview, a manager will play the role of the listener and make mental/physical notes of what the employee has to say.

Many companies are beginning to realize the benefits stay interviews have and are using them to understand the factors that make an employee tick in his/her role. Instead of focusing on exit interviews to understand why employees are leaving, we believe it is wiser to conduct stay interviews to boost employee engagement and retention so that they do not think of leaving in the first place.

How Do I Conduct a Stay Interview?

Since stay interviews play a very important role in employee retention, it is imperative that they should be conducted in the most proper and effective manner. Here are some stay interview best practices which we believe will help:

  • Keep it Informal – Keep your stay interviews candid and casual. The objective of the interview is to allow your employee to open up and speak his/her mind, therefore, it is important that trust is established between the two parties.
  • Document the Feedback – Make an effort to jot down the points mentioned during the meeting so that it can be referred to in future meetings.
  • Ask Good Questions – Ask quality, probing questions that do not put the employee in a spot. Managers need to accept the fact that certain employees are uncomfortable with opening up. When this happens, do not push for a hard answer and instead, try approaching the topic from another angle.
  • Prioritize Interviewees – Ideally, a manager should interview all employees. However, if the availability of time becomes a limiting factor, you need to prioritize between employees and know who requires immediate attention.

Create High Impact Employee Engagement with Stay Interview Software

Stay interview software can help to boost employee retention and engagement by automating manual processes and allowing managers to put more attention into relationship building with employees. It also helps to track interview progress as well as outline and structure a quality stay interview.

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