Stay Interview Advantages – Retain & Engage Your Best Employees


Stay Interview Advantages – Retain & Engage Your Best Employees

Do you have an Employee Retention Strategy?

A stay interview program is a strategic and methodical approach to reducing employee turnover.  You've invested time, money and resources in developing your staff, but you also need to invest time to learn about their struggles, challenges and other issues.  The stay interview process establishes:

  • Actionable plans to address concerns and issues
  • Data about commonly shared employee troubles
  • Effective reward and compensation techniques to honor engaged employees
  • Protocol for management to follow in order to effectively engage employees

High Impact Stay Interviews – Giving Your Company a Boost in Employee Engagement

The collective bank of skills, knowledge and experience that is contained within your employee pool cannot be translated into monetary terms.  Stay interview programs ensure that management forms and maintains important avenues of communication in order to keep your valued staff with your company. Stay interview systems are highly effective in terms of gauging employee engagement and morale. Unlike exit interviews, stay interviews allow you to see what issues are most important to employees, before they decide to leave. Keeping your staff engaged will reduce employee turnover. The core components of stay interview software include:

  • Interview structures tailored to your company's needs
  • Ability to formulate plans geared toward enriching employee retention
  • Management accountability through retention reports
  • Easy integration into existing software infrastructure

Give Your Company an Advantage by Increasing Employee Engagement

By deciding to implement stay interview software, you'll begin to notice a higher level of engagement in your employees.  Workers that are more engaged with their jobs and managers tend to:

  • Be more productive
  • Possess more company loyalty
  • Put in needed overtime and extra effort
  • Collaborate more effectively in team settings

It's time to put an end to employee dissatisfaction that results in worker loss!  Retention software is easy to use, cost effective and the results will speak for themselves.

HRsoft – The Employee Engagement Software Leader

HRsoft is a leading provider of stay interview and employee retention software for mid to large sized companies in North America.  To learn more about our Stay Interview System, STAYview™, click the button below!

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