Recruiting Software Features

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Recruiting Software Features

Employee recruitment is no day at the park.  Sifting through applications, determining appropriate experience, conducting interviews and verifying qualifications is hard work.  Hiring can tap out your HR and management resources, yet bringing a new employee into the folds of your company is never a decision that should be made in haste.  Incorrect hiring decisions hurt profit, waste resources, decrease morale and can become an enormous waste of time.  If you haven't yet researched an applicant tracking system for your company, why not educate yourself upon the basic recruiting software features which includes:

  • Efficient applicant screening via pre-designated criteria
  • Ability to market open positions in appropriate venues, resulting in higher-quality applicants
  • Increased management engagement throughout the hiring process
  • Ability to host your own hiring site, reducing administrative and IT costs
  • Flexibility to update at a moment's notice

Bring Your Hiring Process into the Future with Web-Based Applicant Tracking

The advantages to investing in your company's hiring process are endless. The hiring pool has truly gone global thanks to the internet, so access to talent is almost limitless. In fact, the only thing holding your company back from employing the cream of the crop is making the decision to implement a high impact applicant tracking system. Candidate tracking software offers the following benefits:

  • Branded and customized hiring processes
  • Online job descriptions
  • Customized applications
  • External and internal job postings
  • Automated applicant screening and approval
  • Employment tax credit and federal employment criteria protocol adherence

Recruiting tracking software is so versatile that it can be tailored to any business and HR management style.  Not only will your efficiency in finding highly qualified candidates increase, you'll be freeing up countless hours of labor that can be used more effectively.

Save Your Time and Resources by Automating Recruitment

Everyone knows that time is money. By letting applicant tracking software do the labor of recruitment, you'll be able to apply HR and management workers to tasks that need a human touch.  Hiring will become less of a chore, inspiring managers to engage on a more personal level with each applicant. Applicant tracking systems are an investment in the future success of your employees & company – so why wait any longer to find the right one!

HRsoft – The Applicant Tracking Software Leader
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