5 Questions that Every Stay Interview Template Must Include

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5 Questions that Every Stay Interview Template Must Include

Stay interviews help uncover key insights about what employees need and want in order to stick around, as well as what would compel them to leave. While you can use employee engagement software to help design a stay interview template tailored to your organization’s needs, there are a few must-have questions that every stay interview template should include.

Below are five important stay interview template questions your managers should be asking:

  1. What can I do to clarify goals/expectations for you?

    This question is critical. Employees who say that they plan to stay with a company for six months or more are more likely than their peers to have managers that set clear goals.

  2. Do you feel that your skills are being fully utilized in your current role?

    According to talent management expert John Sullivan, Google uses this question to predict turnover. Finding out whether your employees feel that they’re reaching their potential is useful for determining whether they need to be challenged more.

  3. What do you enjoy most about your current work situation?

    Managers can continue to provide whatever it is that their employees value most once they access these answers.

  4. What triggers might cause you to consider leaving?

    Encourage managers to take note of these responses and make efforts to actively prevent such situations from occurring.

  5. What did you love most about a past position that you don’t have in your current role?

    According to HR Daily Advisor, it’s critical for employers to find out what their employees wish they had at work – especially when it comes to factors that they think they might be able to find elsewhere. Whether it’s more feedback, better growth opportunities, or any other aspects of work that can be feasibly provided for the employee, giving employees the one thing they wish they had could improve retention dramatically.


These are just a few of the questions your managers can ask to uncover useful insights from their teams. A stay interview template generated by employee retention software can provide many more options, in addition to tools such as stay plans and interview schedulers.


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