How Performance Software Improves Feedback and Results

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How Performance Software Improves Feedback and Results

Feedback is necessary for driving performance and results in any organization. The problem is that managers are giving far too little of it. And, without knowing how they’re measuring up against expectations, employees won’t be able to see where they need to improve (or how they’re excelling).

This is especially true for Millennials. Consider this statistic reported by Fortune: more than twice as many Millennial employees say that they’d prefer to receive feedback a few times per week, compared to Gen Xers or Baby Boomers.

For busy managers with many direct reports, however, this presents a problem: How can they give consistent feedback in real-time to steer employees in the right direction?

The solution is performance software.


An Agile Performance Management System

In the pursuit of creating a more feedback-oriented company culture, many organizations are replacing annual performance reviews with a more agile approach. Here’s why: TalentCulture writes that today’s HR teams must provide avenues that encourage performance-related feedback by replacing “formal, paper-intense, performance documentation nightmares” with continual feedback exchange.

In place of these reviews, performance software is being implemented. It creates a link between employee performance and manager feedback, because it allows managers to track their team’s performance in real-time.


Driving Results

In addition to allowing managers to provide real-time feedback, performance management software is also effective because it makes goals clear from the very beginning. Through clear and efficient cascading goal setting tools, employees and their managers can collaborate to identify personal and team goals. Then, as employees set out to achieve their goals, managers can continue to track progress through the help of the effective tools provided by performance software. They can also:

  • Document achievements to inform future performance-related decisions
  • Ensure completed tasks are supporting broader company goals
  • Act as a coach through encouraging, forward-focused feedback


According to ERE Media, these actions should be priorities for driving performance in an organization. In other words, each of these tactics will not only support a continuous exchange of communication between leaders and their teams; it will also make employees more engaged and committed to driving company results.


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