Does Your Performance Management System Encourage Mentorship?

Performance Management System

Does Your Performance Management System Encourage Mentorship?

Most employers know that the basics of any good performance management system require setting clear goals and tracking progress. But there’s one component of strong performance management that’s often overlooked: encouraging your managers to act as mentors to their people – not just bosses.

To find out whether your existing performance management framework facilitates mentorship among managers and their teams, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is Feedback Exchanged Regularly?
    Mentors coach their teams to do better by acknowledging when they’ve done something particularly well. Giving timely feedback after an employee has excelled is a critical mentorship skill that strengthens the employee/manager relationship. It also lets employees know what they’re doing right so they can continue to perform better.
  • Do Managers Guide Teams through Challenges?
    According to Linked2Leadership, mentorship is all about helping employees overcome challenges. Achieving challenging goals aids in personal development, but managers must also be there to provide guidance and support as needed.
  • Do Your Managers Ask Questions?
    Great leaders inspire their people by asking questions that encourage them to think deeply and develop strong problem-solving skills. According to blogger Gary Magenta, the best managers also listen actively, embrace the views of all employees, and help employees identify their personal goals so they can be paired with business needs.
  • Have Your Leaders Mastered Succession Planning?
    states that effective leaders know which of their associates have specific characteristics that make them ideal for future management positions. They seek future leaders who are aligned with the company mission, culture, and anticipated results. With that said, the first step of succession planning is communicating with associates to determine which development opportunities each individual is seeking.
  • Are Resources for Growth Opportunities Available?
    Line managers are responsible for playing a key role in employee mentoring, but it’s also important that the company is providing adequate resources for development opportunities. Find out what employees value most – whether it’s tuition reimbursement, seminars, or training courses – and provide resources accordingly.


Using your performance management system to provide mentorship opportunities is a powerful way to emphasize the development your company’s greatest resource of all: your people.


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