Performance Management Software: Why is it Useful?

Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software: Why is it Useful?

Performance management is a critical component of any organization. To most, performance management starts and ends with annual performance reviews that are grueling for managers and nerve wracking for employees. But performance management should be an ongoing practice, not a one-time event. There should be 360-degree feedback from both employees and line managers.

Performance Management software solutions assist your performance management process in the following ways:

  • Introduce concrete short and long-term objectives based on the company’s vision.
  • Automatically assign team goals based on the higher horizon vision to employees and then keep track of the progress made over the year.
  • Provide checklists of pending tasks to complete in order to facilitate the performance review of each individual employee.
  • Provide top of the line templates that define the different levels of competency that a worker can exhibit with clear guidelines and examples.


In short performance management software systems create a culture of continuous feedback so that the yearly appraisals no longer hold surprises for the employees.


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