Online Total Rewards Statements- Do Your Employees Realize Their Total Worth?

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Online Total Rewards Statements- Do Your Employees Realize Their Total Worth?

What is Online Total Rewards Software?
Most employees consider their net income received on payday to be the only form of compensation gathered for their work.  Managers see a completely different side to compensation- a global and comprehensive view of benefits, stock options, vacation and sick leave and educational reimbursements.  It isn't that your employees don't care about compensation beyond their monetary rewards, it's that they may not even be aware of the incentives your company offers.  Employee incentive software provides a user-friendly overview of the total benefits paid by your company, allowing year-round, real-time reports to be available to employees at their convenience.

Total Rewards Software – A Dynamic Approach to Total Rewards Communication
It's essential for managers to communicate clearly to each employee the total investment made in each individual.  Showing your staff a personalized and clearly illustrated breakdown of their total compensation can be difficult and time consuming to prepare for each individual worker.  Staff recognition software provides an easy to access online portal through which each employee can retrieve key information about their total incentive package.  A truly high impact total rewards system enlightens employees as to their total value and worth to the company, allowing them access to easily understood reports concerning their benefits.

Implement an Employee Rewards System Today for Happier Employees Tomorrow

One of the top reasons for employee turnover is dissatisfaction with compensatory packages.  If you don't take the time to communicate the totality of the capital you invest in your valued staff, how can they begin to understand the full worth of your company's rewards system? Rewards software saves you time and money by not only organizing and preparing benefits statements in an easily understood format, it also saves you the hassle involved in hiring and training new workers to replace those you lost to low morale.  Employee rewards software creates a hub of communication, resulting in a corporate culture of employee immersion and interest.  Once your staff recognizes the full spectrum of benefits provided by the company, they'll realize and appreciate how every dollar they receive in wages is backed by even more value in company-paid incentives.

HRsoft – The Total Rewards Software Leader
HRsoft is a leading provider of total rewards solutions for mid to large sized employers. For more information on our Total Rewards Software, REWARDview™ click the button below!

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