What NOT To Include On Your Employee Benefits Statements 

What NOT To Include On Your Employee Benefits Statements 

When you’re building a Total Rewards (TR) Communication strategy, it’s a good idea to be as transparent as possible so as to build trust and commitment with your associates. With that being said, you should only incorporate items onto your employee benefits statements that associates will benefit from seeing, and that the company can afford to disclose.

There is information that should not be shown on Total Rewards Statements or communications.


What To Leave Out

Of course, the information that you choose to omit from total rewards statements will be employer specific.  But information that is considered sensitive and confidential to your business or anything that is of a highly competitive nature should be carefully reviewed and not presented in the TR Communication.

For example, an employer in the auto industry should not include the cost the employer pays for employee benefits per car (production unit.)   This could wind up in the hands of a competitor and is not necessary to include in the TR Communication anyway.


What If It’s Available Elsewhere?

Sometimes the question arises about content that is available somewhere else.   If it can be found elsewhere should it be repeated on the TR Communication?  We believe the answer can be yes.

Remember that the TR Communication is seen as the “hub” for relevant content by associates.    Even if information is available somewhere else, there is a convenience factor in having it included on the TR Communication.   So rather than searching for a document or User ID and Password relating to a benefit supplied, it can be presented neatly in the TR Communication.


For more information on what you should include in your total rewards statements, feel free to view the available resources on the Total Rewards section of our blog. There, you’ll find best practices for communication strategies, as well as helpful guides, including a rewards statement example.

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