How to Motivate Employees (Without Exceeding the Budget)

Motivate Employees

How to Motivate Employees (Without Exceeding the Budget)

One of the most common dilemmas employers are facing today is finding cost-effective ways to engage their teams. If you’re wondering how to motivate employees in your organization without exceeding your budget, the good news is that there are some techniques you can used to get your associates enthused and engaged at work.

Here are a few helpful techniques you can work into your organization’s existing performance management system to improve employee motivation:

  1. Get Managers On Board

    Managers play a fundamental role in keeping their people motivated. A Gallup report cites that half of employees surveyed have left a job to get away from a manager. The leading manager behaviors that are linked to motivation are communication, clarity of expectations and goals, and strengths-based leadership. Be sure that you’re training your managers to excel in each of those three categories to effectively motivate their people.

  2. Offer Rewards to Motivate Employees

    While the specifics are entirely up to you, Business2Community recommends incentivizing certain achievements or behaviors to keep your teams motivated. You can personalize it further to maximize results by offering rewards to associates based on their individual preferences. Keep in mind that rewards certainly don’t have to be costly – they could be as simple as feature articles in the company newsletter.

  3. Set a Strong Example

    Sometimes, figuring out how to motivate employees starts from the top. Huffington Post suggests encouraging managers to lead by example in order to motivate employees. Are leaders perceived as highly motivated individuals? If so, it’s more likely that you’ll organically build a culture of motivation throughout the company.

Most importantly, remember that motivating employees isn’t a one-time activity. It requires managers to use an ongoing approach to performance management, which can be supported by automated tools like performance software. Once managers and their people develop a rhythm, continuous motivation will become a natural byproduct of your engaged and performance-driven culture.

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