How to Make Your Employee Benefits Statements Work for Everyone 

How to Make Your Employee Benefits Statements Work for Everyone 

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when appealing to the largest possible group of employees to communicate the value of total rewards. One of the best ways to boost communication is simple: understand how key groups prefer to communicate.

Take a look at these methods for tailoring your total rewards communication methods:

  • Preferred Learning Style
    Think about people who provide you with driving directions – some give you specific street names and compass directions while others will offer a detailed tour of the visual cues, with no specific street names. Maybe your employees prefer to retrieve information verbally from your claims or contact center, their manager, or, or read the text online. Consider your corporate culture and the primary methods of communication in your office and refine your strategy based on these findings. Or, take multiple approaches so that at least one communication avenue will appeal to everyone.
  • Consider Your Demographics
    Do you need to take into consideration total rewards communication based on age, level, or salary? Plan ahead for certain groups who may need special considerations – e.g. a group who may be negatively affected or managers (who may be key communicators and also affected as employees). You may consider offering special limited rewards to high potential individuals to help retain them and make them feel valued.
  • Remember Your Contractors & Freelancers
    It’s projected that 40% of the workforce will be non-traditional within the next decade, meaning that the percentage of freelancers and contractors working for your company will likely increase steadily. Make sure that HR is prepared to handle total rewards communications for these groups.


Determining the best approach for communicating total rewards information to employees may be a bit time consuming initially, but taking this extra step to tailor your strategy to your teams will pay off in the long run. Not only will it make employees feel more appreciated, it will also create better visibility for the rewards options that you’ve carefully selected and worked hard to provide.

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