How to Keep Your Total Rewards Content Fresh and Engaging 

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How to Keep Your Total Rewards Content Fresh and Engaging 

Once you’ve developed an effective Total Rewards (TR) Communication system, the goal is to keep employees coming back frequently. Associates want and expect to see fresh, relevant content.   Without it, the TR Communication becomes boring and ignored.  Just as promoting the TR Communication is critical when it is first introduced; keeping your audience’s interest and enthusiasm requires thought and planning.

Below, we share a few tips to help you keep employees interested in TR Communication:
What To Include:

Managing TR Communication does not require you to be a creative writing expert.    Just include relevant, timely information on your TR Communication.   It can (and should) be brief.   And remember to refer to your employee benefits statements or website in other employee communications, such as newsletters and announcements.

  • Short, interesting pieces that support the goals of the TR communication can be inserted at the beginning of the TR Communication – an introductory letter or message from a manager.   Then, the statement-type information and the values follow.
  • Company news, updates from plan sponsors, excerpts or links to financial and retirement planning blogs or articles can all be used.
  • Reminders about key dates are also worth including:  open enrollment deadlines, tax form delivery dates, performance review dates.
  • “Mini-interviews” with company leaders on relevant topics are easy to develop.    The interview can be conducted by e-mail.  For example, send an e-mail with a few questions to a leader and request brief responses for inclusion in the TR Communication:   What do you think is something our associates often don’t understand about our benefit plans? What is your advice about retirement savings?
  • Personalization can also be used to deliver specific messages for certain groups of employees.   If a particular department has achieved success with a project or a community service project, it can be recognized in the appropriate section of the TR Communication.

Of course, developing fresh, engaging content to include in your TR Communication is only one part of creating a strategy that resonates with employees. In order for them to take an interest in TR Communication, you must have a well-rounded strategy that fits with your company culture, your organizational goals, and employees’ priorities.

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