Should You Include Links to Third Party Sites as a Part of Your Total Rewards Communication? 

Should You Include Links to Third Party Sites as a Part of Your Total Rewards Communication? 

When designing a total rewards communication strategy, your goal should be to make information as accessible and easy to understand as possible for employees. One way to make information retrieval even simpler for associates is to include links to third party sites on your total rewards communication site.


Including Links On Your Total Rewards Site

While you could also include links on printed employee benefits statements, using a website is preferable because it allows associates to seamlessly connect to third party plan administrators and other informative sites. This supports the total rewards communication hub as the “go-to” place for everything related to rewards and benefits.


Links To Consider

Providing links to plan administrators such as 401(k), health and welfare, and equity administration makes it easy for employees when they want to conduct a transaction with those providers.   Using Single Sign On technology makes it even simpler for employees by avoiding the need to remember various log-in credentials and passwords for each plan.

In an online version or a printed statement, employers may consider including a list of resources along with the appropriate web site, e-mail and phone number for each.


Sample List

For your convenience, here is a portion of a total rewards statement example featuring a list of possible resources you might want to consider including:

Program Who to Contact Phone Online
Human Resources HR Department 800-555-8888
Employee Assistance Program Healthy Life 877-888-0000


401(k) Plan Fidelity Investments 800-343-3548


Medical Insurance Aetna 888-899-4221
Optional Group Life Insurance MetLife 800-704-7287
Disability Aflac 800-444-0000
Social Security US Department of Social Security Administration 800-772-1213


Of course, you will need to tailor this list so that it reflects the appropriate contacts for your company.

While not mandatory, including a list of resources on your total rewards website or employee benefits statement can make it easier for employees to access important information, thereby improving your overall total rewards communication. It is a good practice to consider and doesn’t take a significant amount of time to complete.

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