In Recruiting It Is All About Connecting with Candidates


In Recruiting It Is All About Connecting with Candidates

Recruiting great employees follows the same approach as getting loyal customers. How an employer connects with candidates is critical. This is how companies get customers: they build a connection.

Customers want to identify with the company. They want to connect with its brand and products. The customer/product association is all about letting customers understand what they will get from a purchase. What value and satisfaction they will enjoy.

More and more, the values presented by a company influences the buying decision. Apple computers and phones are bought because the products are great; the company is innovative and reliable. Southwest Airlines stands for excellent service, reasonable prices and a consistent passenger experience.

Job candidates are looking for certain qualities in a company, their potential employer. Candidates want to know about – and connect with – the values of the company. How does the employer treat their employees? What are the core values? Is the company's main goal rapid international growth or steady expansion in a limited geography? Is success measured by innovating new products or growing sales?

Smart employers clearly communicate their brand and values to candidates. It is easy. It is what builds the connection.

Start with the employer's career site. This is where people go to learn about job openings and the hiring process. Use the career site to directly communicate with visitors about the core values of the employer. Shine a bright light on what is important to the company and what qualities are sought in employees. It is essential to clearly state the core values and put them in plain sight for candidates to understand.

Candidates who get excited about those values will identify with the employer. They may apply for a position – or know someone who fits and suggest they apply.

In most cases, employees who connect with the employer are the most engaged. They achieve their potential, get the greatest results and drive success.

Employers thinking about what attracts customers to their brand are finding the same thing works with candidates. In a word: connection.

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