How to Import Data from Your HRIS to Your Total Rewards Communication System 


How to Import Data from Your HRIS to Your Total Rewards Communication System 

One important step to establishing an effective Total Rewards (TR) Communication system is importing data from your organization’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Below, we explain how you can do this seamlessly and effectively to get the best possible results from your communication strategy.

Make Sure Previous Steps Are Completed 

Before you can import HRIS data, it’s important that you have first determined which data elements will be shown on the TR Communication. Then, the next step is determining the best source for each element.

Understanding where the data lives and how it can most efficiently travel to the TR Communication is a step in the configuration of the system or statement.   This mapping exercise will often lead to your HRIS or System of Record.   Here, you can usually find the most current and accurate information about each employee.

Benefits of Importing HRIS Data

With an online TR Communication system, a feed from the HRIS will ensure that all current employees have access to the system.  Established groups of employees who participate in certain benefits can also be kept up to date with data transferred from the HRIS.

How Often Should You Import?

A batch feed of data from the employer's HRIS once a day or once a week is common.   The frequency for this import of data is determined being mindful that fresher data is more appealing to associates when presented in the end product.

Additional Tips

When calculations are used to determine values to show to associates, the System of Record data is often the best source.  Payroll deduction amounts for various benefits can also come from the HRIS.

While this is a critical step of creating a comprehensive TR Communication system, it’s only one part of the process. For more tips on how to set up your total rewards statements or advice for successfully implementing total reward statement software, visit the HRsoft blog.


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