If You Can Have Just One Goal, Make it to Improve Employee Engagement

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If You Can Have Just One Goal, Make it to Improve Employee Engagement

If HR professionals can accomplish one thing in this new year, it should be to improve employee engagement. What is it anyway? Why does it matter? What can be done to make it better?

Employee engagement is how “into it” people are.  How much discretionary effort is being used. Engagement is a measure of how excited associates are about their job – and their employer.   Are they approaching each day with zest?

Someone once said, Engagement is how people act when they are volunteering.

It matters. Employees with gusto treat customers better than those who are operating at a basic level. Engaged employees are thinking of ways to deliver improved solutions and beat the competition. They care about their colleagues and work hard to collaborate with others. Highly engaged employees want to win. They are helping drive the team to victory.

It does matter. Simply put, business results are improved if employees are more engaged.

Like anything that is important, it is worth finding ways to improve engagement.

What can be done?

1. Communicate more with employees. Have managers conduct one on one discussions with their team members to share what is going on in the company. Ask associates for their views. Ask what they want to learn and how satisfying they find their positions. What do they need so they can be more engaged? What can the employer do so each associate has more gusto when they come to work? Ask the questions of your associates. They will tell you.

2. Share goals. Everyone wants to know what they are working toward and what is expected of them. Make it super clear.

3. Focus. We are all more effective when we can focus and it is clear what we are trying to accomplish. Focus and its cousin clarity allow us to understand our roles and how we contribute. Lack of focus creates confusion – it is an engagement killer.

4. Offer learning opportunities to associates. Learning has never been more available than it is today. Webinars, YouTube videos, SlideShare, On-line courses – opportunities are everywhere. Learning develops the mind and sends the clear message from an employer: We care about you, we want you to learn and bring new thoughts to the organization.

 5. Treat people with respect. Everyone wants to be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Employee engagement does matter. It is not just a fluffy HR thing. Engaged employees produce more revenue and profits. Engaged employees stay with the company longer and help develop loyal customers.

Increasing engagement is an important goal. And you can make it become a reality.

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