Human Capital Management Principles

human capital management principles

Human Capital Management Principles

Organizations these days do not fixate only over what they get out of the workforce. There is a balance between utilizing its assets and enhancing skills-sets so that the ROI keeps increasing with time. Every possible move is made to ensure that employees stay engaged and loyal because true profits roll in only when turnover is reduced.

Human Capital Management relies heavily on integrated talent management suites. The talent management software industry is thriving in market value, which is only expected to grow. Talent management modules streamline and automate the execution of some of the most critical Human Capital Management principles :

  1. Recruitment software or applicant tracking systems centralize all recruitment efforts with branded career sites, social media postings, job description creation and candidate scoring. This ties in closely with the best practice of hiring the right people for the right post with the right level of orientation.
  2. Stay Interview systems or employee retention software takes pre-emptive action to directly target employee turnover and boost retention.
  1. Total Reward Systems offer solutions complete with configurable content, segment focused benefits and walk away value estimators to drive home the benefits that employment brings, actively discouraging thoughts of quitting.
  1. Performance Management Systems lead to reviews that are productive instead of detrimental by assigning concrete enterprise goals for employees to strive towards.
  1. Lastly compensation management software create a framework that encourages pay to be internally fair and externally competitive, having one of the largest positive impacts on retention.


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