HRsoft Announces Partnership with Xactly

HRsoft Announces Partnership with Xactly

One of the ways HRsoft continues to support your company’s talent management needs is by partnering with industry experts who share the common goal of simplifying complex processes such as compensation planning. As a leading provider of enterprise-class solutions with an emphasis on incentive compensation for sales teams, Xactly provides powerful tools to help organizations make impactful and equitable reward decisions to drive performance. We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with them, which will allow HRsoft and Xactly clients alike to take advantage of both companies’ compensation management tools.

If you’re already utilizing HRsoft’s COMPview solution, you know that our tool facilitates simplified planning in the areas of incentive awards, budgeting alignment for salary decisions, and merit adjustments. With our new collaboration, you’ll now also have access to Xactly Incent Enterprise, a sales performance management software solution designed to provide you with plan design tools, reports, and critical analytics to make sales compensation plans more manageable and accurate.

In fact, both our COMPview tool and Xactly Incent Enterprise will help you reduce errors, which are otherwise more likely to occur when using spreadsheets. Likewise, since both are cloud-based solutions, you’ll be able to craft compensation plans for both sales and non-sales teams that are more secure and streamlined across your organization.

Most importantly, using the two tools in conjunction will allow you to create robust compensation plans to better support your enterprise goals within specific departments. With Xactly’s solution, you can strategically incentivize improved sales performance, while our COMPview tool helps you make sure you’re paying and rewarding the rest of your staff in a way that supports retention, engagement, and recruitment initiatives.

We look forward to continuously providing you with solutions to support your business’s evolving needs, and as always, we welcome any questions or feedback you may have!

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