HR Software Tools


HR Software Tools

HR departments no longer simply function in a one dimensional way. Gone are the days where the role of HR departments revolved only around crunching numbers. Today’s HR is rapidly evolving into a multifaceted department where many strategic decisions are made for the whole company. This increased level of complication requires a host of effective software tools to ensure that operations and strategic planning occur simultaneously.

In short, HR software tools can help a company achieve the following:

  • Better access of information
  • Promotes effective communication between company and employees
  • Better clarity in analysis of data
  • Security
  • Reduces employee turnover & increases employee engagement

HR software can have countless benefits if a company first knows what they need to improve upon. Here at HRsoft, we offer a suite of HR management software that benefits HR managers and leaders.

They include:

  1. RECRUITview – Helps HR find and attract top talents into the company.
  2. COMPview – Automates and simplifies the compensation planning process. This ensures that high level strategic decisions are actually being executed on the ground.
  3. PERFORMview – Helps to engage, motivate and rewards your top performers.
  4. REWARDview – Promotes transparency of employees’ compensation and benefits offering.
  5. STAYview – Stay interview software makes it fast and easy for any manager to conduct effective and consistent stay interviews that can dramatically reduce your organization’s turnover costs.
  6. CONTENTview™ – Hosts a HR knowledge base so that employees are always placed within the loop of what is going on in HR related issues.

With so much upside to transforming HR into an excellent business unit, now is the time take a deep dive to truly understand what an effective HR software suite can do for you!

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