How HR Software Solutions Engage Your Entire Workforce

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How HR Software Solutions Engage Your Entire Workforce

Employee Engagement and Business Outcomes

Since 2009, the phrase “employee engagement” has doubled in interest according to Google trends. That’s because employers are taking note of the fact that engagement has a significant impact on key business outcomes.

As such, many executives are seeking HR software solutions to help them solve employee engagement issues in their own organizations. Of course, there are still some companies that have yet to experience the capabilities of talent management software, from facilitating effective ongoing performance management to driving retention and engagement.

Why are they holding out? One reason could be that some professionals believe that HR software solutions only cater to younger generations of employees.

However, that’s not the case. HR software solutions can – and should – be used to engage all of your employees.

Using Goals to Engage Everyone Equally

A recent Lexology article addresses the fact that some businesses may see a 50 year age gap between their oldest and youngest employees, and also sheds light on an interesting trend: of all age groups in the work force, baby boomers and gen Xers have the lowest engagement levels.

The solution to closing the engagement gaps among age groups is to implement a talent management system that keeps emphasizes the importance of goals. Providing clear, measurable goals and an effective HR software solution for tracking them is a powerful engagement tactic that can work for employees of all ages.

In fact, goals are so important that they even factor into what Ivey Business Journal calls “The Ten Cs of Employee Engagement.” Both clarity of goals and contribution (“contribution” referring to the impact that employees’ goal progress has on the success of the organization) make the list.

Where HR Software Solutions Come In

By implementing an HR software solution that supports year-round goal setting and tracking, you can keep your entire workforce engaged and aligned. Just be sure to choose a type of software that provides ease-of-use, and offer any training and support for employees who may be less technically-inclined.

In time, employees’ ability to see how their goals are progressing and how they’re supporting overarching company objectives will help facilitate a workforce that’s more engaged and committed across all age groups.

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