How HR Software Can Build Stronger Work Relationships

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How HR Software Can Build Stronger Work Relationships

Work relationships: they might sound as if they’re less important than some of the other aspects of business, such as performance and results. But as it turns out, strong work relationships are actually critical to both performance and results, and today’s workforce deems them necessary.

A recent Mattersight survey found that nearly 50% of Millennial employees feel that a “communicative, emotionally-satisfying culture” allows them to perform better at work.

What’s the solution to building these stronger work relationships among managers and employees? The answer is HR software. Here’s what it can do to strengthen relationships in your company.

  • Retrieve Actionable Insights
    Recently, Fox News published an article detailing the ways in which today’s emotional workplace affects aspects such as hiring, retention, and company culture. It claims that the way to ensure workplace relationships have a positive effect on these aspects – versus a negative one – is to retrieve actionable insights from employees. Through the tools provided by talent management software such as stay interview templates, managers take a proactive approach to discovering what their employees need most at work. Management can then act upon these insights to drive retention, performance, and overall results.
  • Develop Ongoing Communication
    With HR management software, your managers can access real-time performance data and goal progress, which will prompt them to maintain ongoing communication with their employees. This is a tactic that CMS Wire considers critical to keeping associates engaged and involved.
  • Encourage Managers To Become Coaches
    When communication is carried out among managers and employees regularly, business leaders have the opportunity to act as coaches who encouragingly drive their teams towards success. Employees who feel that their managers are looking out for them and are providing them with everything they need to grow and perform better will value their work relationships more, and therefore be more likely to stay engaged.


Improving work relationships can seem like an overwhelming task, but when you break it down into actionable steps for managers with the help of HR software, it becomes more tangible and will thus have a greater impact on performance.


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