3 Reasons Why HR Management Software Can Drive Employee Engagement

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3 Reasons Why HR Management Software Can Drive Employee Engagement

Driving employee engagement is critical for today’s companies, as it impacts just about every business result in significant ways. Kevin Kruse, author of Employee Engagement 2.0, defines employee engagement as an associate’s willingness to contribute “discretionary efforts.” Triggers author Marshall Goldsmith further simplifies this concept by describing it as how hard an employee is trying – or what they’re doing that they don’t absolutely have to do.

Naturally, all business leaders want their employees to try harder, but being that they’re already stretched thin and working to meet daily demands in a fast-paced workplace, they need strategies that are highly effective and time-saving (rather than time consuming). HR management software can help in many different ways, but here are just a few:

  • Effective Performance Management
    Talent management software offers tools such as 360° feedback, goal setting and tracking capabilities that help employees achieve clarity on exactly what’s expected of them, thereby making it easier for them to understand how they can perform well and exceed expectations to perform exceptionally well.
  • Increased Transparency
    Certain talent management – such as those with compensation and total rewards tools – allow the workforce to see how they’re being rewarded for their hard work. Not only does this drive transparency, making it easier for employees to commit to your organization, it also shows them how above-and-beyond excellence is rewarded. This boosts engagement by illustrating a direct link between performance and reimbursement, and also shows them that there’s more to compensation than just salary alone.
  • Goal Achievement
    Through cascading goals, your talent management system facilitates the achievement of aggressive goals by ensuring that each contributor’s efforts are directly supporting organizational objectives. In other words, every single employee is working towards end goals that directly impact your company’s bottom line results. This goal alignment is enacted company-wide, so that together, everyone is pushing to meet the high-level priorities of the entire organization.


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