How to Make Performance Appraisals Simple Yet Effective

performance appraisals

How to Make Performance Appraisals Simple Yet Effective

Whether you refer to it as performance appraisals, employee evaluation or performance management, the names are different but the core concept is the same. Through these periodic (generally annual) sessions, line managers are expected to examine the productivity of their employees and align them with the strategic goals and tactical company objectives.

But as all processes that deal with talent and performance, appraisals are frequently tedious and detail oriented. Managers devote large chunks of their time to performance management, yet aren’t making a positive impact on either engagement or overall workforce contribution.

Simple Ways To Make Performance Appraisals Easier:

Performance appraisals are an essential component in gaining competitive advantage in the market by honing available talent and should be easy to execute. These are some key principles that are useful:

  • Thorough Documentation is the First Step towards Success: Without thorough documentation, performance appraisals are ineffective. This means a very detailed breakdown of the goals that are to be assigned to employees (on enterprise, department and individual levels) and their performance with respect to the objectives. It might serve to provide line managers the updated job descriptions of the employees they are about to evaluate to ensure more accurate analysis.
  • Standardization is Gold: It completely eliminates lack of transparency. Managers need to be provided with lists of competencies for the skills that they are to evaluate and what stellar performance should look like so that they can grade their employees better, without assuming too much or allowing personal feelings to intervene.
  • Automation is Sweet Success: Last but not the least, automation is critical. When managers receive regular updates and notifications on what they must do to complete successful evaluation of employees, it takes the guesswork out of the equation.

A complete performance management system like PERFORMView is a platform that brings all of these desirable appraisal workflow features together and presents a one page dashboard to managers for smooth and effective employee evaluation.


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