How to Conduct Successful Performance Reviews

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How to Conduct Successful Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are often one of the most dreaded processes within the organization. Employees dread it because it is both a grueling and mind numbing process. Studies conducted have shown that less than 50% of employees believe that performance review helps in career progression because of the lack of transparency between management level and themselves. Managers want to stay away from them because they need to spend time preparing for it. Overall, performance review sessions do not usually leave a good taste in anyone’s mouth.

How to Conduct Successful Performance Reviews

However, this does not have to be the case. Fortunately, many companies are noticing this and doing something about it. To conduct a success performance review, managers need to:

  • Consider your employee’s communication style and adjust yourself
  • Review last year’s performance appraisal and ratings
  • Review development plans and objectives
  • Transfer information from last year to this year.
  • Collect feedback from employees
  • Align expectations between employees and yourself
  • Have frequent, casual follow up sessions


Having ample preparation and effective communication boosts the success rate of performance reviews because it allows employees to have a clearer picture of how the review process factors into their career progression. It also shows that the manager sincerely cares about the well being of employees.

A common attribute amongst the points stated is that they all require a lot of time to accomplish. Time is one of the most precious resources of managers and many cannot afford to spend it on repetitive tasks. Performance review software is able to help managers simplify the performance review process and automating workflows and creating focused templates within a few clicks of the mouse. It also allows for year-round, real-time goal tracking and follow ups between managers and employees.


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