How to Conduct Proper Stay Interviews

Stay Interviews

How to Conduct Proper Stay Interviews

What exactly is a stay interview? Well, a stay interview typically consists of a manager conducting a one-on-one interview with a targeted employee in an attempt to understand why the employee wants to keep working for the company. Of course, during the course of a stay interview, the manager may also discover why the employee may want to leave the company. Stay interviews are considered to be a much more effective way to engage an employee than exit interviews because it prevents potential employee unhappiness from escalating and this in turn, helps improve employee retention.


Conducting Proper Stay Interviews

In order for stay interviews to be successful, a lot of preparation and data tracking has to take place. Here is a list that we have compiled of the most common elements found in successful stay interviews:

  • Sincere and casual. The mood of the interview should be relaxed so that the employee is encouraged to speak up.
  • Track interview objectives and goals. Tracking goals allows managers to understand how to follow up from past interviews and when to conduct new interviews.
  • Understand needs of employee before starting the interview. Understanding the needs of the employee beforehand helps managers engage the employee better.
  • Be a good listener. Being a good listener builds trust and encourages employees to speak freely.


Automating Stay Interviews With Software

Preparation for stay interview can be a huge hassle because of the amount of work that needs to be done. Using software to automate manual processes can go a long way in reducing friction to successful stay interviews. Effective stay interview software can help:

  • Automatically track and alert on at-risk employee
  • Generate stay interview templates
  • Provide actionable data point analysis
  • Save time and increase productivity of managers and employees

Overall, the software has to turn stay interview from a reactive, guessing game into a proactive process that can help in the strategic decision-making process.


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