How the Changing Business Landscape has Created a Need for Human Resource Management Software

Human Resource Management Software

How the Changing Business Landscape has Created a Need for Human Resource Management Software

The many functions of human resources have evolved dramatically. For instance, HR underwent a significant shift when it switched from “personnel” to “human resources.” Now, the scope of work for HR is compounded with a multitude of responsibilities.

According to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, an effective HR department in today’s world is “one that has learned about intellectual capital and its implications, evaluated the impact on current practice, and developed ideas and recommendations for changing HR practice and other business processes.” As you can see, the word “changing” is built into the very core of HR’s responsibilities.

So, how can HR keep up with its more traditional responsibilities, as well as the aspects of the changing business climate? One solution is human resource management software.

The Three Elements of HR Software

There was a point in time during which HR’s functions were much simpler than they are today. Now, however, there are three critical functions for which HR is responsible, and thus, which your HR or talent management software should encompass (source: SoftwareAdvice):

  • Core HR
    These primary, “core” responsibilities include handling benefits and payroll. For companies that are growing and/or operating on a global scale, these facets can become quite complicated. Compensation planning and total rewards structures make up a huge portion of HR’s responsibilities, so it’s important to select software that facilitates ease-of-use, such as strategic yet simplified tools and automated functions.
  • Workforce Management
    To facilitate ease of use for workforce management, you can select HR software that features efficient content management. This can simplify HR’s role in the day-to-day functions of the workplace while also providing employees with the solutions they need for daily responsibilities, such as planning resources and real-time updates on important priorities.
  • Strategic HR
    Perhaps the newest and most rapidly-evolving function of HR, strategic HR encompasses performance management, applicant tracking, and training and development. Solutions such as stay interview software can ease HR’s burden in retaining high performers. Performance management software can get departmental managers involved (and thus alleviate some of HR’s responsibilities) by encouraging frequent, ongoing communication between them and their direct reports regarding performance. Finally, recruitment management software can create one seamless process for finding, hiring, and onboarding the best available talent in your industry.


There are a number of human resource management software solutions available today, but it’s important to assess your organization’s need to determine which fit is best for you. HRsoft offers software solutions that support all of the key responsibilities listed above. To learn more, visit our comprehensive products page.


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