How Employee Performance Management Software Simplifies Goals

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How Employee Performance Management Software Simplifies Goals

As you can tell by its name, effective performance management helps managers monitor employees’ performance. But the benefits of implementing a strategic performance management system extend far beyond that. Specifically, effective performance management can help your company with goal planning, tracking, and execution.

Employee performance management software doesn’t require an extensive revamp of the workflow. It can be incorporated into your existing goals processes to create a more fluid, agile workflow that will make everyone’s jobs simpler.

Below, we’ll take a look at how employee performance management software can make goals easier to manage. But first, let’s start by discussing why goals are critical to performance and workplace success.

Why Goals Are Important

According to Bersin by Deloitte, goal-setting and revising is one of the main components of performance management. Goals are critical to any organization’s success, because the ways in which you accomplish them provide measurements for how well you’re succeeding in your industry. Also, having clearly defined goals and strategies allows individuals and departments to take a systematic, step-by-step approach to completing the milestones that eventually lead to tackling aggressive goals. In addition, you can reassess goals mid-quarter (or year, or whichever time period works best for you) to change course if needed (source:

Goals Management 101

Measuring goal accomplishment is an important component of performance management, but as you know, you can’t measure goals that you’ve haven’t planned. Chances are you already have a solid goal framework in place in your organization. But one way to make it even more effective is to get employees involved in the planning process. That way, all parties will have an in-depth understanding of organizational needs, performance expectations, and how their contributions support larger objectives (source: US Office of Personnel Management).

How Software Can Help

In expanding and global organizations, goals management becomes rather complicated. That’s because you have organizational, departmental, and individual contributor goals, all of which should be working together to drive results.

As such, the most effective performance management software solutions have goal setting capabilities, which encourage cascading goals that ensure that the efforts made by each and every department and individual are supporting the overarching objectives of the company. These software solutions should also provide timely, consistent goal tracking, so that you can forecast goal achievement, and managers can step in to course-correct proactively as needed.


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