How a Stay Interview Can Tackle Your 2 Biggest Retention Issues

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How a Stay Interview Can Tackle Your 2 Biggest Retention Issues

The stay interview is so effective because it tackles the two biggest issues related to retention: what employees are seeking in order to stay, and what would make them leave.

Let’s take a look at why those two issues are so important, and how the stay interview can play a role in addressing them:

  1. What Employees Need To Stay
    Huffington Post states that determining what drives each of your employees individually is the true “game-changer” for retention efforts. Each employee is different, so retention cannot be approached with a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. With that said, managers only need to use one method for accessing insights about what drives their people, which can be achieved through the help of stay interview software. Using stay interviews to discover what each top performer needs in order to stay engaged, motivated, and committed to the company – and then acting upon those insights to facilitate as positive a work experience as possible for those employees – is a powerful retention driver.
  2. Why Employees Might Leave
    Acknowledging and addressing the workplace issues that might cause employees to leave is just as important as discovering what makes them stay. It’s critical for managers to hold an informal one-on-one stay interview so that employees have the opportunity to address their concerns in a comfortable setting. The discoveries might be surprising: Business Insider states that while concerns such as lack of growth opportunities and seeking higher pay might drive employees to quit, some other, less-obvious issues such as too much (or, conversely, too little) workplace collaboration could drive your top talent out.


The only way to be certain about what your top performers need and what might drive them away is to ask. Coaching your managers to ask the right questions is an important step – here’s a stay interview template to get you started.


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