How to Get Employee Feedback about Total Rewards Statements 

How to Get Employee Feedback about Total Rewards Statements 

If you’re not already surveying your employees to determine what they think about your existing total rewards program, it’s time to start. Doing so could unlock valuable insights about how you need to improve communication, which benefits they value most, and what they still need from you to better understand their total rewards package.

Here are some strategies for accessing insights from your employees relating to your total rewards program:

  • Survey Them
    If you’d like, you can use surveys to find out how employees perceive the current total rewards program in your organization. Or, if you’d prefer to make it fun, consider quizzing employees (online or live if you have a cafeteria) about existing total rewards options and rewarding associates who answer correctly.
  • Focus Groups
    If it’s feasible in your organization, consider developing a focus group to tackle total rewards communication.  You can test out their understanding what employees in general know about rewards and what are misconceptions.
  • Hold Interviews
    Another option is holding informal interviews to ask employees what they think about total rewards.
  • Just Ask!

If your organization is less formal, you may be able to simply ask employees for opinions on total rewards.

When asking employees about their opinions on total rewards, be sure to find out how they retrieve their total rewards information. Even if you think you have an effective total rewards communication tool in place, you might be surprised to find out how few employees are actually using it. Sometimes, employees neglect to access total rewards information because they aren’t permitted to do so during the work day; in other instances, the tool may not fit their particular learning style. The objectives for creating an effective total rewards strategy should encompass both finding out what employees think about the rewards program itself and determining their preferred communication channels for accessing benefits-related information.

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