How to Be Forensic to Create a Compelling Case for HR Transformation

How to Be Forensic to Create a Compelling Case for HR Transformation

Before HR can create a defensible case for where the organization needs to go in terms of a technology transformation, it must first assess its current status. And, to get a true sense of how you operate today, you must step back and look at the entire flow of processes.

HR teams must essentially become private investigators. Dig into every process, data element, and challenge; and, capture and organize every policy and process. The first step in building a strong case is getting organized.

From the first step of attracting candidates, to onboarding and talent management, identify each step of the HR lifecycle. This will allow you to become more transparent, but more importantly, it will also shed light on inefficiencies. By assessing redundancies and cumbersome processes, you can begin to see how you might better invest your resources.

Next Step: Process Mapping

After identifying processes, you must then process map everything, drawing a step-by-step map of how all processes are completed. For many organizations, this becomes an eye-opening experience.

For instance, many companies begin to identify lengthy, uneconomical processes with dozens of unnecessary steps. When HR professionals’ most valuable resources – time and efforts – are focused towards these time- and labor-intensive processes, they cannot contribute to more strategic initiatives.

To perform a thorough process map, get all of your functional and operational teams involved. This is your opportunity to identify the steps that don’t make sense, and to begin modifying and adjusting where applicable. While process mapping every single step may seem tedious now, it will put HR in a better position when it comes time for presenting and rolling up the business case. All of the teams involved in the process mapping will begin to see that the existing methods are not good for economic growth, and the goal of freeing up financial investment will effectively precede the case for change.


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