Employer Career Sites: The Most Important Recruiting Tool

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Employer Career Sites: The Most Important Recruiting Tool

When someone visits your web site and clicks on “Careers” or “Join Our Team,”  what is their experience?   What do they learn?   How excited do they get?   Is their feeling accurate about the employer?   Do they understand the employer’s core values and mission?

More and more, recruiting professionals are thinking about Corporate Career Sites in a whole new way.   They are becoming more complete – and useful.  They are becoming a more strategic tool for employers to attract the right candidates and explain the organization’s principles.

Here are a few suggestions to consider including on your Career Site:

  • Videos – Have one or two videos about what it is like to work here.
  • Use Testimonials – Examples of associates who have found success with the employer.
  • Core values and priorities – How would you describe the main priorities of the company in regard to talent?
  • What's different? – What are the differences in this workplace compared to others?
  • What is the hiring process? – Explain in specific terms how someone gets hired.  What are the steps?
  • Interview questions – Include sample interview questions on your career site.

For instance:   We are a hospital and our top concern is compassionate patient care.  If you are selected for an interview, you will be asked questions like: “Share an real example of a situation where you provided excellent compassionate patient care in the last year.”   Or “We value integrity in our associates.   Please share an example of a situations where you showed strong integrity.”

This is not giving away the answers to the test.   If someone has not exhibited these qualities, they may not be a great fit.   Why not let them know now that is what you are looking for.

It all does not have to fit on one page.  It is fine for Career Sites to have a few pages.   There can be pages focused on certain topics or relevant content for specific job categories.   Of course, ease of use for the candidate is important.

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