Employee Turnover – How Can You Keep Your Staff Engaged & Retained

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Employee Turnover – How Can You Keep Your Staff Engaged & Retained

Why Does Employee Turnover Hurt Your Company's Productivity?

The unplanned and frequent loss of workers has a very negative effect upon your company, hurting productivity, morale and the services you offer.  Losing employees damages your profit margin and affects customer relations.  A high turnover rate can be remedied, and it's simpler than you think.  Some effective ways to cut turnover include:

  • Implementing a stay interview process
  • Improving recruitment techniques
  • Implementing a total rewards communication program

Stay Interview Systems – Your Key to Employee Engagement

While improved recruitment techniques will help you to hire the best people and  a total rewards program will help convey the full value of their employment, studies have shown that employee engagement is a crucial component of strong workplace morale.  When employees feel that their direct supervisor is communicative and attentive to their needs, they feel valued and are willing to fully invest themselves in their work.

Stay interview software helps to guide the process and measure the results.  Some of the ways that stay interview programs will help you take employee retention to the next level include:

  • Creating specific interview structures that address department particulars
  • Developing a stay plan based upon the interview, creating accountability for both management and employees
  • Increasing dialogue and engagement by encouraging candid discussions
  • Creating baseline data for managers and HR to use when determining factors of employee dissatisfaction

Managers and HR will enjoy this software's easy implementation, interview guidance, data recording capabilities and creation of retention goals for each manager and their department.


Employee Retention – The Foundation of a Strong Company

Fully engaging your employees and giving them a voice within your organization increases their feeling of personal meaning within their company roles.  Stay interviews create an atmosphere of accountability not only for the employees, but also for managers.  By addressing unmet employee needs, a stay interview will deliver immediate results by ensuring proper employee support is discussed and implemented. Stressing your retention goals now will lead to long-term employee retention, reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction.


HRsoft – The Employee Retention Leader

HRsoft is a leading provider of stay interview and employee retention software for mid to large sized companies in North America.  To learn more about our Stay Interview System, STAYview™, click the button below!

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