Are Employees Leaving Your Company? Try This Employee Retention Solution to Find Out Why

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Are Employees Leaving Your Company? Try This Employee Retention Solution to Find Out Why

Employees leave companies for dozens of reasons. If retention is something that you’ve been working tackle in your company, you know first-hand about the complexities of trying to pin down the root causes for why associates are seeking work elsewhere.


Common Reasons for Leaving

In a recent LinkedIn article, business development professional Bryan Howe points out the fact that employees will leave if they’re not engaged or driven. He also cites some of the most common specific factors that will drive employees to leave, such as failure to reward and acknowledge top performers, tolerating poor performance, imposing too many rules, and failure to instill a greater purpose in employees’ work.

Of course, there’s one other startling statistic that may make managers stop in their tracks: a 2015 study shows that 50% of employees leave to get away from their managers.


What You Can Do

According to a recent Fox News article, keeping your top talent from leaving is a company’s very best strategy for growth. But how can business leaders drive retention without understanding the root cause of why employees are leaving? It’s not enough to simply point the finger at managers; instead, they must find out what employees want and need from their managers – whether that’s more feedback, clearer goals, increased flexibility, etc. – so that management can provide it.

The only way to do that is to ask.


Stay Interviews: The Simplest Solution

Stay interviews are becoming the most powerful employee retention solution available because they’re cost-efficient and get straight to the core of the problem. By asking employees exactly questions about what they enjoy at work, what they would change, and what would cause them to leave, managers can take a proactive approach to retention and ideally, stop turnover from occurring in the first place.

Of course, most managers have already stretched their busy schedules to capacity. Stay interview software can make the process of holding stay interviews much quicker and easier with the help of scheduling tools and stay plan templates. That way, managers can uncover critical insights about employee morale and develop plans to address any problems as needed without significantly disrupting the workflow or creating more work.

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