Employee Engagement Statistics

Employee Engagement Statistics

Employee Engagement Statistics

Employee engagement is very important in almost every organization. To maintain a productive and efficient workforce, your employees have to be engaged in a positive way. An unengaged talent pool will, in the long run, incur hefty costs to the company and become a liability instead of an asset. Here is a list of interesting statistics that will paint a clearer picture of today’s employee engagement strategy landscape:

  1. Most employees are not engaged today – An engagement survey conducted in 2014 indicated that more than 60% of employees do not feel engaged at the workplace.
  2. Disengaged employees are expensive – Disengaged employees are estimated to be cost US companies more than $500 BILLION annually.
  3. Disengaged employees usually leave a company – In 2015 survey, 27% of employees said they would like to quit their jobs and 70% of the employees who felt disengaged intend to do that.
  4. Most companies lack strategy – More than 90% of managers/CEOs believe that engagement strategy is important but less than 30% actually have one.
  5. Employees leave for reasons other than money – 80% of managers believe that money is the main reason why employees leave but only 27% of employees think so. Most employees cited disengagement and disenchantment as the main reasons.

Employee Engagement Should Not Be Complicated…

Engaging employees should not be a difficult and tedious affair. A great way to achieve employee engagement is by setting up a proper strategy and automating the process with human resource management software. HR software is able to boost transparency between employer and employee, thus allowing for better communication within the workplace.


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