Employee Engagement Software – Taking Your Employees & Engagement to the Next Level

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Employee Engagement Software – Taking Your Employees & Engagement to the Next Level

Why Employee Engagement is Important

Developing your company's culture is an important and integral component of long-term success.  The environment your employee's work in is important in many ways and determines a large degree of their job satisfaction and productivity.  As a manger, it is critical to keep track of employee satisfaction, job engagement and current issues that may be negatively impacting your staff’s performance. Employee engagement software can help in the following ways:

  • Drive employee performance
  • Create an environment of open communication, transparency and accountability
  • Assist managers in getting a sense company morale levels
  • Identify challenging factors that cause employee disengagement

The stay interview process is a powerful and effective way for managers to learn about the team and company dynamics that influence employee engagement.


Stay Interview Software – Helping Management to Develop Effective Employee Relationships

When you sit down with your staff in a stay interview, you need to know that you're asking the right questions to determine both the positive and negative elements of your company's workplace.  You'll want to identify employees who are at risk for disengagement and develop a plan of action to re-engage them in their position and focus on their retention.  Stay interview programs help to guide this process in the most effective manner possible by:

  • Obtaining valueable employee data from one on one conversations
  • Sharing results within management and HR
  • Developing recognition and reward systems
  • Creating historical benchmarks for interview result comparisons
  • Empowering employees to openly communicate with management
  • Forecasting retention for long term and at-risk employees

Not all stay interview programs are created equally. Bonuses and recognition are valuable to employee engagement, but the experts at HRsoft know the determining factor in employee satisfaction and retention is his or her relationship with direct management.  That’s why they have developed employee engagement software that allows managers to:

  • Proactively identify and resolve challenging issues
  • Gather a clear picture of performance indicators
  • Create platforms of communication and actionable responses
  • Increase employee retention through beneficial interactions

The longer you wait to engage your employees, the more valued workers you risk losing!

HRsoft – The Employee Engagement Software Leader

HRsoft is a leading provider of stay interview and employee retention software for mid to large sized companies in North America.  To learn more about our Stay Interview System, STAYview™, click the button below!

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