Does Your Performance Software Do This?

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Does Your Performance Software Do This?

Performance management is the key to driving results in any company, but it’s not easy to get right: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) calls it the “Achilles’ heel” of HR. The same source states that less than 40% of workers feel that their company’s existing performance management system established clear performance goals.

So, what should we be doing differently?

Clear Goals Are Achievable Goals

Without presenting employees with clear goals, it’s unrealistic to expect that they will be able to accomplish their objectives. That’s why so many organizations are utilizing performance software to clearly illustrate goals, and to break them down into more manageable steps for employees. When associates know exactly what must be completed by when, progress becomes easier to track with the help of performance software, and both managers and their employees are working to ensure that goals are being accomplished.

A Need For Cascading Goals

In addition to having clarity of goals, however, employees must also have goals that are linked to company priorities. That way, employees are completing their own tasks independently, but also working together so that company-level objectives can be accomplished. According to Gallup, a performance management system absolutely must encourage “collaboration, teamwork, and communication.” Performance software has tools for creating cascading goals so that all efforts are supporting corporate goals.

Goal Clarity + Cascading Goals = The Formula for Success

The question to ask now is this: Does your existing performance management system allow managers and employees to create clear, cascading goals? If not, you could be missing out on an opportunity to excel beyond your competitors and accomplish aggressive goals.

While you may succeed in hitting operational goals without performance management software, the only way to achieve ambitious ones (or those that are so big that they seem virtually unachievable) is to break them down into smaller, trackable steps.

Clear, cascading goals are easier to track, manage, measure, and execute, and with the help of performance software, you can also accomplish the other critical aspects of managing ambitious goals. These tactics include adjusting goals as needed, providing feedback and rewards, and driving motivation, according to Business Insider. If your performance software allows you to accomplish all of that and you’ve already set clear goals aligned with company priorities, then you truly have a powerful combination for achieving incredible results.

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