Could Employee Engagement Software Be A Better Alternative to Exit Interviews?

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Could Employee Engagement Software Be A Better Alternative to Exit Interviews?

Losing top talent is painful. While HR managers can oftentimes uncover some insights about why employees have chosen to leave during the exit interview, by that point, it’s too late to act upon any of those findings. Instead, employers must collect the knowledge and try to improve conditions for the remaining employees.

Imagine if there was a way to avoid all of that, and instead take a preemptive approach to retaining your key players.

It turns out that there is a solution: employee engagement software.

What It Is

Employee engagement software, or stay interview software, facilitates a dialogue between managers and their employees about what keeps makes them want to continue working for the organization, and what would prompt them to seriously consider leaving.

How It Works

Employee engagement software includes tools like interview schedulers, templates, and stay plans that will simplify the stay interview process for busy managers. Additionally, they can create a schedule for checking in on stay plan progress.

What Managers and Employees Must Do

In order for stay interviews to be effective, managers should be asking the right stay interview questions. Another critical factor that will determine the success of a stay interview is both parties’ ability to keep an open mind. Oftentimes, managers will uncover surprising – but very useful – insights. Employees will discover how valued they are, and will develop a greater sense of trust towards managers.

What You Might Discover

Asking employees why they might consider leaving your company presents them with a loaded question, so be prepared for the answers you might receive. According to Business News Daily, the most common reason that employees leave their company is lack of growth opportunities. Train managers on handling responses from associates, and on coming up with creative solutions to address these types of concerns in their stay plans.


Managers play a critical role in employee retention, so they’ll need to be fully committed to the stay interview process in order for it to yield strong results. Employee engagement software is an effective way to reduce the administrative responsibilities of stay interviews and to simplify the processes involved with this powerful employee retention tool. That way, you can create a significant impact on your company’s retention rates without compromising the workflow for your busy managers.


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