Considering HR Software? Do This First

Considering HR Software? Do This First

When HR teams become stretched too thin, they often look towards external solutions for support. While this is often a logical option to solving the problem of an overworked staff, some professionals make the mistake of “putting the cart before the horse:” they’re seeking a solution in the form of HR software but haven’t first identified where their problem actually lies.

Thus, before you even begin to search through HR software companies, the critical first step in identifying a viable solution is first targeting your needs. For instance, are you:

  • Spending Too Much Time on Administrative Tasks?
    If you find that you’re spending too much time providing answers to simple payroll, benefits, policy, or other HR-related questions, your organization could likely benefit from an employee portal, through which associates could access information independently and at their own convenience.
  • Witnessing Rising Turnover Rates?
    Fortune explains that despite rising wages, employee turnover is also on the rise in many industries. To get to the bottom of the real reason employees are leaving you – and to thus attempt to stop them from doing so in the first place – a solution such as stay interview software might be in your company’s best interest.

  • Scrambling Through the Compensation Planning Cycle?
    Compensation professionals often have periods during which they’re immensely busy with the planning process, while other times are much less intense. If you need a way to even out the workload throughout the entire cycle, seek out compensation tools that can help you automate processes, make more informed pay decisions, and help align corporate objectives with your compensation plan.
  • Struggling With Recruitment or Engagement?
    Whether you’re having trouble attracting top-level talent or your organization could use a boost in employee engagement (or both), it may be time to look at your employee value proposition. How are you communicating all of the ways in which you’re an excellent employer to work for (unique rewards and benefits, for instance)? By leveraging your employee value proposition through a tool such as total rewards statements, you could increase your new hire commitment by 29%, according to the Corporate Leadership Council.

Ultimately, there is undoubtedly an ideal software solution available to meet your HR needs, but the first step in finding the perfect fit is realizing what you’re trying to improve.

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