COMPview Software, v9.6, Released

COMPview Software, v9.6, Released

Recently, the latest version of our COMPview Software, v9.6, was released. As it is our objective to drive consistent improvement to fully meet our clients’ needs, we are pleased to reveal new updates to the software’s compensation planning and budget configuration features, among other new developments. The full list of updates is available for review in our Talent Center 9.6 Release Notes, but here are a few key highlights:

  • Compensation Planning: Planners can now enter a new salary directly and see budget charts by budget filter group.
  • Budget Configuration: New budgets can be configured to serve as backup to an existing (primary) budget. Also, rule-based budgets can be hidden for groups where the total available budget would otherwise be 0.
  • Other Plan Configurations: Enhancements have been made to support multiple versions of market data in the system (each with its own current and new comp ratio and set of alerts).
  • Spare Field Configuration: There is now an ability for employee spare fields to show historic employee data on the screen; plus, enhanced options for re-ordering employee spare fields and adding currencies other than the employee’s current currency.
  • HR Admin: For improved flexibility, we have enabled administrators to unlock protection made by transaction override screen.
  • Other Configuration: The default rounding and default decimal display configuration for currencies can now be changed through a new admin screen.

After reviewing the release notes, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We also welcome your comments and suggestions and look forward to receiving feedback on COMPview 9.6.

Please also feel free to share this information throughout your organization. You may view the new release in your User Acceptance Testing (UAT) site, and upon your review, promote the new version to your Production sites.



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