How to Communicate Total Rewards With Different Audiences

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How to Communicate Total Rewards With Different Audiences

Tailoring your message to your different audiences is important when it comes to communicating total rewards, because everyone receives and responds to information differently. Here, we explore the different audiences within an organization, and how you can accommodate each party’s preferred communication method.


Types of Audiences

Here are the main audiences to whom you’ll be delivering your message:

  • Senior Leadership: These individuals not only need to understand, but also endorse, total rewards plans and programs.
  • Executives: They must understand and approve plans and programs.
  • Human Resources: HR may require training so that they are prepared to answer any manager and employee questions.
  • Managers: It’s critical that managers have ample training so that they are prepared to answer employee questions and understand how the rewards program applies to themselves and their team.
  • Employees: This, of course, is your primary goal – to ensure that the employees have a thorough understanding of compensation.
  • Employees’ Families: Employees’ family members will also be affected by how you communicate total rewards, so again, make sure that it’s simple and straightforward.


Methods for Communication

Some methods of communication are better for certain audiences than others. Because you know your organization best, you’ll be able to determine which of the following channels will suit your audiences most appropriately:

  • Face-to-face Meetings (both formal and informal)
  • Print Communications
  • Presentations
  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Portals

Sometimes, providing materials prior to face-to-face meetings is a good way to allow employees to prepare any questions they may have in advance. Just be sure that any online applications are smartphone compatible, and that compensation messages do not become so frequent that they start to feel like spam. More important than the frequency of the messages is the content within them.


Measuring the Success of Your Communications

By following the best practices listed here, you’ll be able to boost communications surrounding total rewards in your company.

Of course, it’s better to actually see improvement than it is to assume that the communication is working. While the measures of success will be more qualitative than quantitative, here are some strategies for determining whether you’ve improved communication on total rewards:

  • Survey HR and Line Managers
  • Make Sure Employees Are Receiving Messages – Just Ask!
  • Monitor Questions and Complaints
  • See Whether Employees are Signing Up as Planned
  • Gauge Reactions from Managers and Employees


Now that you have an understanding of some strategies for tailoring total rewards communications to your specific audiences, you can begin to increase the strength of your overall compensation program for improved retention and engagement.

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