Considering Cloud Based HR Software? 3 Facts That Will Help You Decide

Cloud Based HR Software

Considering Cloud Based HR Software? 3 Facts That Will Help You Decide

Like many other business solutions, employers are turning to cloud-based options when it comes to HR support. Cloud based HR software can provide a multitude of advantages, not only for HR but for line managers and employees as well.

If you’re toying with the idea of implementing HR software in your company, here are some facts that may help firm up your decision to take the leap:

Considerations when searching for Cloud Based HR Software


  • Security Threats Are Worse Than Ever: If you’re entrusting the security of your sensitive data to spreadsheets, it’s time to make a change. CNBC says that hacking into business networks was once a series of isolated incidents but is now “almost commonplace in corporate America.” Be proactive in preventing hacks by choosing a cloud-based option to keep your information secure. Unlike spreadsheets, a cloud-based solution can safely store and protect your sensitive data.
  • Cloud-Based Options Are Simpler: Unlike traditional software which might require support from IT or a systems integrator, cloud-based solutions make it easy to get the latest upgrade and in general have a better user experience, according to SAP Business Trends. They are also typically targeted to a broad range of users, including managers and employees –not just HR.
  • It Can Achieve Multiple Objectives: Most cloud-based solutions – especially best of breed options – can be tailored specifically to your business’s unique needs. Small Business Chron recommends relying on cloud-based HRIS systems for support in the areas of recruitment, reporting, and benefits, but there are other options, as well. For instance, you can drive retention with stay interview software, simplify compensation management with compensation software, and make your HR-related information easy to access through a content management solution. All of these options have the ability to enhance productivity, drive engagement levels, and simplify processes for employees, managers, and of course, HR.


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