CEO’s View – February 2016

CEO’s View – February 2016

Second (perhaps) to compliance, improving retention and engagement is the most important thing that HR department are expected to do to improve business operations and profits. Unfortunately, the HR department can do very little to improve employee retention and engagement. That’s because very few people work for the HR department.   They work for their individual managers.   So it is the managers who have to drive improvements in retention and engagement.

On any given day, lots of things can determine someone’s engagement and likelihood of staying on the job. Everyone has bad days. But the three big things that drive retention and engagement are: Compensation, Corporate Communication and Manager and Employee Conversations.

HRsoft focuses on providing the best in class tools that HR can provide to managers to monitor and measure and make sure these three big things get done right. Our unique Conversation oriented product, STAYview, facilitates annual or twice annual conversations between the employee and his or her direct manager. The conversation isn’t about employee performance.   It’s about what the employee likes and doesn’t like about his or her job. It’s about what the manager could do more (or sometimes less) of to help the employee work better and more productively.

I was sorting through my stack of unread magazines during last Saturday’s big snowstorm. In the middle of the pile was the Fall 2015 issue of the Diakon Dialog.

Diakon is a large, social services organization that provides services to thousands of at risk youth and senior citizens.   It’s hard work done on a small budget.  Diakon depends on a highly engaged, mission driven workforce to get it done.   Diakon also uses HRsoft’s STAYview software.

The President and CEO of Diakon, Mark Pile, summarized better than I ever have what the purpose is behind STAYview and HRsoft’s other products:

“What gives rise to the Stay Interview is a time-tested (albeit commonsensical) approach that….seems to have been forgotten: building effective and caring relationships between employees and supervisors creates a better work environment, more-satisfied employees and … customers … and greater efficiency and effectiveness for the organization.”

For more information on how to improve retention and engagement though Compensation, Communication, and Conversation, visit And if you have any thoughts on how we can make our products more effective, please drop me a note.


David Kennedy

CEO, HRsoft