Can Pay for Performance Software Empower Employees?

pay for performance software

Can Pay for Performance Software Empower Employees?

Empowerment is a quality that employees have naturally. Yet, management’s efforts to drives or diminish employee empowerment plays a large role in determining the levels of success of your company can experience.

What is An Empowered Employee?

Why bother empowering employees? Small Business defines empowered employees as those that are committed and conscientious, and further states that empowering employees gives them control over their responsibilities and invites creative ideas. In other words, empowered employees exhibit all of the elements of a thriving corporate culture.

Where Does Pay for Performance Software Come In?

HBR states that two fundamental components of empowerment are the abilities to measure and affect it. One useful strategy for affecting empowerment is through pay for performance software, or performance management software. This tool provides clear goals for employees so that they get clarity of expectations and understand exactly what they must do to achieve extraordinary results. Pay for performance software also measures performance and allows managers to apply this data towards rewards decisions.

What Can Managers Do?

While performance management software will make it easy to track performance, managers must capitalize the tool’s capabilities by providing regular feedback for employees to drive empowerment. Here are some additional tactics they can practice to further empower their associates, from Entrepreneur:

  • Reward for Successes and Acknowledge Effort
    Be sure to award your top talent accordingly, but also acknowledge direct contributors who are showing strong initiative. Empowerment shouldn’t be selective; rather, it’s about encouraging high performers to continue doing well and prompting everyone else to follow their example.
  • Avoid Micromanaging
    Trust your people to complete their tasks, and manage using a light touch. Hovering over your employees is one of the easiest way to strip them of their sense of autonomy.
  • Clear any Obstacles
    Managers who take the time to address and remove obstacles for their associates make high achievement as accessible as possible. Employees take note of these actions, and will feel truly empowered by a manager who always has their best interests in mind.

These managerial tactics, when married with an effective pay for performance software solution, can create a culture of empowerment in which everyone is putting forth their strongest efforts to yield the best possible results for your organization.

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