Can Compensation be Strategic?

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Can Compensation be Strategic?

Not too long ago, compensation planning was a job that’s fairly administrative in nature. But today, more and more companies are beginning to realize that utilizing and managing compensation data can also be a big strategic move that benefits the company as a whole. Compensation can be strategic. In fact, it needs to be strategic.

Compensation management software provides a company with a competitive advantage. Being strategic in your compensation planning process helps to retain your top performers and talents, and this, in turn, allows your company to remain productive and competitive. A well-balanced compensation strategy can also improve recruitment, positioning the company to achieve its business goals.

It is certain that compensation can and should be strategic in nature in order to help a company stay competitive. The bonus here is that strategizing compensation data takes full advantage of the work that your HR team is doing on a day-to-day basis.

Strategic Compensation

In order to ensure that your compensation is perfectly strategized and aligned to major business goals, you need to first understand how quality compensation planning should be done. We have prepared a little list, which you can refer to.

  1. Identify Top Performers – To engage your top talents, you need to first identify them within the organization. Your HR system should be able to easily pull out such data for easy analysis.
  2. Understand the Goals – You need to know what you hope to achieve out of the compensation plan. Do you want to attract more talent? Do you want to retain your best performers? Understanding the goals you want to hit will help you in crafting out a compensation strategy that is unique to your situation.
  3. Communicating the Plan – The last thing that you want to see happen is for your employees to miss that your plan even exists in the first place. After crafting out a strategic comp plan, you need find a channel to communicate this to your employees.

COMPview™ was developed by the folks here at HRsoft to support HR managers and leaders in their bid to create competitive, strategic compensation plans. It gives full clarity to employees so that they can have a very clear understanding of what’s going on in their benefit packages.

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