How To Brand Your Total Rewards Strategy 

How To Brand Your Total Rewards Strategy 

One of the steps of developing an effective Total Rewards (TR) Communication strategy is branding it in a way that resonates with employees. While this isn’t necessarily the most important step of developing a TR strategy, many experts agree that the sound of “total rewards” or “employee benefits statements” is less likely to garner attention from employees – which is exactly what you want.

We always suggest giving the TR Communication Portal or Statement its own identity.   Give it a name so everyone refers to it using the same title.   That brand should evoke what the you recognize as the main purpose of the TR Communication.

Here’s another tip you might want to be mindful of: Caesar’s Entertainment, the casino operator with brands likes Harrah’s and Caesar’s Palace, markets the “Total Rewards” brand extensively for their guest loyalty program.  To stay clear of the gambling connotation, some employers avoid using the term Total Rewards entirely.

A list of ideas about naming TR Communication is shown below.  Of course, your brand/company name can be included, or you might choose a phrase that relates to your services or products.    A car company might use “All Cylinders.”   A pizza maker might choose “The Whole Pie.” Feel free to use the ideas below for some inspiration, and get as creative as you like to develop a message that’s both authentic and relatable for your employees.

  • My Wealth Statement
  • My Personal Portfolio
  • Value Summary
  • Rewards Central
  • Bravo!
  • Value Statement
  • Full Package
  • My Compensation and Benefits Statement
  • Rewards Hub
  • Rewards Report
  • Rewards Gateway
  • My Rewards Planner
  • My Rewards Summary
  • Compensation and Benefits Package
  • Total Compensation and Benefits Update
  • My Rewards Report


Of course, regardless of how clever or effective your name is for your company’s total rewards, what really matters is how effectively you’re communicating the big picture to employees. If you need assistance with communicating total rewards to your teams, consider implementing total reward statement software to help your busy managers and HR staff connect and engage with employees easily to explain all of the ways they’re being rewarded for their hard work.

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