A Health-Boosting Total Rewards Program: Human Resources’ Best Tool for Boosting Employee Wellbeing

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A Health-Boosting Total Rewards Program: Human Resources’ Best Tool for Boosting Employee Wellbeing

All employers want their teams to be engaged and productive, but that can be challenging when employees aren’t feeling their best physically. That’s why when it comes to crafting a strategic total rewards program, human resources professionals might want to think beyond the traditional employee benefits statements to come up with strategies that can keep their teams healthy and active.

It’s Good For Business, Too

Promoting health initiatives has obvious benefits for employees: it can help keep them free of diseases and complications, lead to lower medical bills, and make them look and feel their best. For your organization, however, there are also benefits. As Life is Good founder Bert Jacobs says, focusing on employee wellbeing is a “smart strategy for building a strong business.” He further says that employers who work in the best interest of their people are also working in the best interest of the overall organization.

Why? According to Business 2 Community, employee wellbeing is directly linked with engagement and productivity levels.

Which Benefits Should You Offer?

Ultimately, you’ll likely need to consider a few key factors to determine which health-related benefits you can include on total rewards statements, such as your company culture and support from key stakeholders. With that said, a general rule of thumb is to think about not only the obvious ways you can improve physical wellbeing, but also how you might be able to approach overall wellness in terms of mental health and stress reduction. EHS Today explains how some companies offer all-encompassing approaches to wellness initiatives by allowing pets to come to work, while others offer attractive PTO plans and healthcare for domestic partners.

If your core interest lies in helping employees become healthier physically, here are some direct approaches you might want to consider:

  • Incentivize healthier behavior by offering health care premium discounts of non-smokers, individuals who get annual health risks assessments, etc.
  • Consider instituting “walking meetings” to increase physical activity levels among employees
  • Offer gym discounts or memberships as part of your total rewards package

Healthy employees are more likely to be engaged and productive employees, so don’t forget to incorporate wellness tactics in your total rewards program.

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