Why is Best of Breed HR Software Better than a Unified Approach?

Best of Breed HR Software

Why is Best of Breed HR Software Better than a Unified Approach?

Employers are increasingly becoming more dependent on software solutions to help them solve their biggest business woes, but they’re also proceeding with caution to ensure that they’re getting the best ROI. As a result, many leaders become conflicted over which is better for their business: best of breed HR software versus a unified solution.

The answer is actually fairly simple, and it can save you a great deal of time and energy: start by taking a look at your company.

Best of Breed HR Software Identifies Your Needs

The main reason why best of breed HR software is preferable to unified solutions lies in the fact that each organization is unique. For instance, your company may have a total rewards system in place that works exceptionally well for you right now, but perhaps you could use some support with your performance management. According to HR.com, using individual solutions allows employers to handpick solutions that have specialized features which can be easily customized to their company’s specific needs.

Emphasizing Best Practices

Best-of-breed solutions also follow the best and latest practices in their functional areas, according to HROnboard. This tends to be better for the company than the approach that most all-in-one systems rely on, which is to remain stagnant and/or respond slower to industry change.

Reduce Costs

Finally, HR Lab recommends choosing best of breed HR software solutions if your goal is to reduce costs. Because you can pick and choose which solutions your company needs, you can save by opting for best of breed software versus unified solutions.

Ultimately, organizational issues are specific to each company, and because each business operates differently, the approach to solve these issues should not be a “one-size-fits-all” fix. Instead, it’s up to leaders to determine which areas demand the greatest support, and to then choose which solutions will work best to address those needs.

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