Are Stay Interviews Out of Bounds for Employees Who Contribute The Most?

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Are Stay Interviews Out of Bounds for Employees Who Contribute The Most?

Here’s an upside-down trend that likely applies to all industries, all organizations. Think first what position or what person is most responsible for your company’s success. Then consider if any leader has ever conducted a Stay Interview with that person or anything close whereby the ultimate topic was, “What more can we reasonably do for you to stay here a long time?”

The industry that immediately comes to mind is hospitals and the job that contributes most to revenue is…

  • CEO?
  • Nurses?
  • Doctors?

The correct answer is doctors…yet they often don’t appear on hospital organization charts and usually do not have a “supervisor”. Some bring in over one million dollars each year in revenue and maybe because of that are held in such esteem that they are treated in ways other than regular hospital employees…and subsequently not “treated” at all. Free upscale meals on the hospital are common but one-on-one job or career meetings are not.

Who is “above being supervised” in your organization? And who is especially deprived of Stay Interviews and other healthy processes because one would say these employees are just “too big” for them? Might we start with the executive team and wonder if their CEO leader meets with them individually about them rather than about financial reports?

Too often employees quit and when we learn why we say, “We could have fixed that if we had known”. Many high-performing employees see themselves as feeling appreciated but yet lack an authority feeling to ask for more… duties, different duties, more input, less administrative responsibilities…all things we would easily say “yes” to but only if they presented the idea to us.

So who in your company is overlooked as too big, too untouchable to benefit from Stay Interviews and other important leadership processes?