A Culture of Employee Engagement

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A Culture of Employee Engagement

Cultivate Employee Empowerment with Captivating Engagement

Regardless of the size or structure of your organization, the key to sustained success rests in the passion of your employees. Countless studies and books have been dedicated to the power of employee engagement, but does your business truly strike the necessary chords for genuine motivation and unwavering commitment? For years, HR managers and business owners believed the summit of employee retention involved a mechanistic approach, but now studies are finding new ways to cut turnover and boost engagement.

Improve Employee Engagement for Solid Retention
It's no secret high employee turnover rates reduces productivity, overworks remaining staff and lowers morale. Yet, countless businesses continue to implement ineffective retention techniques. Fostering a happy and dedicated staff is not a secret formula. Rather, unwavering employee dedication is built upon a house of genuine engagement.

The fundamental concept of engagement is a process of interacting with employees so each staff member understands your goals and values and is motivated to contribute his greatest talents to reach these goals. However, the essence of such behavior is built upon an organizations willingness to enhance employee well-being and sense of worth. Accomplishing such objectives requires a multi-faceted approach based upon clear business values, which are authentic and founded in mutual employee-business respect.

Establishing a Culture of Engagement
There are literally hundreds of tips and techniques surrounding this topic. The establishment of an engaging culture is only successful should the business hold a strong understanding of itself. The cornerstone of engagement includes:

  • Understanding of Business Purpose – It's only when a business understands its purpose is it capable of fostering the needs of employees. To sustain employee happiness, they must know what your business stands for.
  • Conduct Stay Interviews – The stay interview process is a periodic one-on-one interview where manager discusses various factors that could influence an employee to stay or leave. The purpose of such interviews is to identify triggers that may result in an employee to quit.

The Core of Retention – Stay Interview Programs
A stay interview is among the most powerful tools available to businesses. Throughout this process, managers connect with employees on a candid level. Questions are designed to:

  • Stimulate employee excitement and feelings toward the business
  • Engage employees on a personal level, which is often a missing component for many “standardized” interviews.
  • Uncover the root cause of dissatisfaction by conducting interviews with employees most at-risk of quitting.
  • Allow for immediate action to be done for correction of unhealthy procedures or alteration of specific processes. Unlike exit interviews, stay interviews provide a safe space where problem areas may be identified and worked out as a team.

If your business is seeking an effective way to enhance employee retention and passion, stay interview software may be your ideal option. These tools are designed to simplify all steps involved, which ultimately leads to swifter resolution and greater employee-business gains.

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